Understanding the Issues

Learn more about the challenges that arise from unstable bags in various scenarios, shedding light on the implications.

By examining the real-world impact of bag instability during transportation, storage, and daily use, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the importance of innovative solutions and how they can lead to substantial cost savings. Join us on this journey as we uncover the intricacies of bag stability issues and the strides being made to address them effectively.

Bulk Bag Issue Photo - 01 Bag Stability
Better Bulk Bag Photo - 01 Bag Stability


Contamination, leaning, and slumping are at risk when bag stability is not prioritized

Read more about Bag Stability issues.
Bulk Bag Issue Photo - 02 Slumping/Leaning
Better Bulk Bag Photo - 02 Slumping/Leaning


Slumping leads to decreased stability and unsecure loads

Read more about Slumping/Leaning issues.
Bulk Bag Issue Photo - 03 Sizing
Better Bulk Bag Photo - 03 Sizing


Stabilization and stacking are at risk when bags are not correctly sized for the material you are bagging

Read more about Sizing issues.
Bulk Bag Issue Photo - 04 Weight Optimization
Better Bulk Bag Photo - 04 Weight Optimization


If you're not completely filling your bags, then you're buying more bags than you really need

Read more about Weight Optimization issues.
Bulk Bag Issue Photo - 05 Sifting
Better Bulk Bag Photo - 05 Sifting


Leakage of product from the bag through the seams can lead to contamination.

Read more about Sifting issues.
Bulk Bag Issue Photo - 06 Availability


Unsecure supply lines and zero access to domestic production will shut your operation down.

Read more about Availability issues.
Bulk Bag Issue Photo - 07 Contamination
Better Bulk Bag Photo - 07 Contamination


Liner issues, sifting, and bag instability could lead to contamination of your product

Read more about Contamination issues.
Bulk Bag Issue Photo - 08 Liner Issues
Better Bulk Bag Photo - 08 Liner Issues


Loose liners increase your costs by sagging down into the bag during filling and reducing the usable space in the bag.

Read more about Liner issues.

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