As the largest bulk bag manufacturer in the United States, AmeriGlobe's success continues to be driven by its steadfast dedication to producing solutions that meet customers' needs while effectively reducing their operating costs.

What Makes Our Bulk Bags Better

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Your choice of bags impacts various costs in you and your customer’s systems. These costs include everything from empty package storage, filling labor, freight, storage, discharging, disposal and every cost in between. Even small improvements in these areas can equate several dollars a bag worth of savings. In some cases, it is possible to lower your overall costs more than you are paying for the bag.

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Contamination, leaning, and slumping are at risk when bag stability is not prioritized

Read more about Bag Stability issues. Read more about Bag Stability issues.
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Stabilization and stacking are at risk when bags are not correctly sized for the material you are bagging

Read more about Sizing issues. Read more about Sizing issues.
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If you're not completely filling your bags, then you're buying more bags than you really need

Read more about Weight Optimization issues. Read more about Weight Optimization issues.
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Leakage of product from the bag through the seams can lead to contamination.

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Unsecure supply lines and zero access to domestic production will shut your operation down.

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Liner issues, sifting, and bag instability could lead to contamination of your product

Read more about Contamination issues. Read more about Weight Optimization issues.
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Loose liners increase your costs by sagging down into the bag during filling and reducing the usable space in the bag.

Read more about Liner issues. Read more about Weight Optimization issues.

The ROI on Better Bulk Bags

AmeriGlobe's system of cost-savings is designed to increase your savings by improving your bulk bag package. Bulk Bags that look bad cost more money. You may have increased damage in transit, extra labor righting bulk bags in the warehouse, higher freight because you can not get the maximum weight in the truck or container, or a host of other costs. By looking at all of the associated issues, we can at times save you MORE money than you pay for your bulk bags. We can improve the way your bulk bags look, fill, stack. ship and discharge.

Read about how one customer is saving $5,675,000 annually!

Our Solutions

At AmeriGlobe, we don't just give you a great price, we give you solutions to your bulk bag issues. With more than 35 years in the bulk bag industry and more than 100 years of sales and solutions experience in the field, AmeriGlobe is ready to solve your problems.

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AmeriGlobe is not a bulk bag broker that offers no support. We are the largest bulk bag manufacturer in the United States. Our combination of US production and managed overseas production gives you safe, competitive pricing, while we work with you to show huge freight cost and system based savings.