Free Standing Drum Bag

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Free Standing Drum Bag Addresses All of Your Bulk Drum Needs
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Thanks to the versatility of our packaging, we can stack 200 empty bags on a single pallet.
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In contrast to fiber drums, we custom size our drum bags to perfectly suit your product requirements.

Free Standing Drum Bag

Space Saving, Custom Sized Bags to Replace Drums

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Custom Sized Bags

Unlike fiber drums, we size the drum bags specifically for the needs of your products. Since we make drum bags to fit your product we can also add print in a cost effective manner.

Recyclable After Use

After the bags have been discharged they can again be compressed for disposal. If you choose to help the environment, the drum bags are recyclable. Whether you choose to recycle or landfill, drum bags require significantly less space.

Space Saving

Our drum bag typically weighs less than two pounds, reducing your freight costs. After all, why pay more in shipping because your packaging is heavy. The flexible nature of our packaging allows us to put 200 empty bags on one pallet. If you are receiving fiber drums, it likely takes a third of a truckload to hold that many.

What Makes Our Bags Better?

Non-stop problem-solving! We work hard to reduce the impact of the issues that affect your opertional efficiency and your bottom line.

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Free Standing Drum Bags

In today's economy we all need to save every dollar we can. AmeriGlobe developed the drum bag to do just that.

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AmeriGlobe is not a bulk bag broker that offers no support. We are the largest bulk bag manufacturer in the United States. Our combination of US production and managed overseas production gives you safe, competitive pricing, while we work with you to show huge freight cost and system based savings.