Ex-Pallet™, the pallet made specifically for Bulk Bags

Pallets have always been a necessary evil. They are very heavy, harbor pests, damage product and they are expensive both to buy and get rid of.

Unfortunately, even though there are pallet-free options, like the EZ Loop™, most companies are forced, by either circumstance or customers, to use pallets. Taking all of the negatives into account, AmeriGlobe has developed a better pallet. A pallet made specifically for bulk bags, the Ex-Pallet™.

The Ex-Pallet™ is a light, plastic-based pallet that is a combination of rigid and flexible components. Since it is plastic it is not a home for bugs or mold so it does not have to be heat treated. The Ex-Pallet™ does not have splinters and is much less likely to damage your bags.

The best attribute of the Ex-Pallet™ is its weight. While a pallet weighs 30-50 lbs, our Ex-Pallet™ weighs a measly 8 lbs. This means your team will be less at risk of injuries from having to move heavy pallets. You also get to take advantage of the huge weight reduction in your shipping. This allows you to basically ship 400 to 2,000 lbs for free.

When your customer is done with the bag, the bag and the Ex-Pallet™ can both be recycled instead of having to pay for landfilling. If your area does not offer recycling, it is less expensive to landfill an 8 lb Ex-Pallet™ than a 40 lb pallet.

Let’s not forget storage. Most plants have large areas reserved for pallet storage. Ex-Pallets™ can take 40% less space. That means 40% fewer deliveries, 40% less warehouse space, and 40% fewer forklift trips to unload them.

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Ex-Pallets™ were designed with bulk bags in mind so they interact with bulk bags well. When stacking bags with pallets, the top sheet tends to come up between the slats and it can get snagged by the forklift tines. How many bags have you had to repackage because the top was shredded? The Ex-Pallet™ keeps the bag fabric from migrating into the path of the forklift tines. No exposure, no damage, no lost product.

The Ex-Pallet™ is a winner with any bag. It is a homerun when used with the MegaBase™. The MegaBase’s™ large base and shape in combination offer shocking stability when stacked. In most cases the combination easily replaces more expensive baffle bags without losing any stability.

The Ex-Pallet™ and MegaBase™ are cutting edge bulk bag technologies that are designed to save your company money. Call (866) 264-5623 to set-up a trial with one of our Solutions Specialists

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