EZ Loop®

Bags + Pallets = HIGH Cost
EZ Loop® - Pallets = Right Cost

Pallets aren't pretty, they take up too much warehouse space and they are really heavy, but you have to use them ...right?
Wrong, the patented EZ Loop® allows you to eliminate the cost of pallets, saving you big money on every ton of product you ship and allowing you to ship more product per truck.

EZ Loop®

The EZ Loop® addresses the major concerns of companies that are interested in cost savings through pallet elimination, with both ease of use and stability.

Pallets are easy for everyone to use so their elimination can be difficult at times. The two main benefits of pallets are that the entry points are always accessible and that they give a stable base for stacking. Various companies have tried to address these issues but have achieved little success.

AmeriGlobe's EZ Loop® answers both questions using patent-pending technology. To address the multiple, easy entry points issues, we utilize a cross-side loop pattern. This pattern features loops that are anchored in the sides of the bags where the outward pressure of the product will help maintain the position of the loops. To reinforce the verticality of the loops we add a stiffener to each of the loops.

EZ-loop 2 bags.png

The layout of the lift loops allows a forklift operator to enter the loops from eight directions without the help of a second person. Since the loops are freestanding, the forklift operator can easily lift bags from the second or third level of a stack.

To stabilize the bags and improve stacking performance, we use the patent pending Stacker™ feature. TheStacker™ uses the angle of the top seam to anchor itself to the top of the product when the bulk bag is suspended by the loops. When the bulk bag is set down, the top seam stays anchored in place and maintains the side wall tension. This gives you a package that performs like a brick rather than a flexible package.

The combination of the EZ Loop® and Stacker™ makes box replacement simple, repeatable and safe.

How does this save you money?

That is the real question. The most direct answer is that you no longer need to buy , store and ship pallets. Having your pallet cost disappear obviously gives you a substantial savings, but not having to use shipping space and weight to use that pallet saves you even more. Shipping without pallets can save you 4% on your freight charges since the pallet weight can be replaced with product.

The savings are further enhanced when you take into account that you will not have to handle or warehouse the pallets. You will also not have to worry about injuries that sometime occur when people lift heavy pallets.

The EZ Loop® also allows you to move two bulk bags at a time if you have a heavy enough forklift, halving the number of trips needed in your warehouse.

The EZ Loop® is like no other package in the market. It eliminates the need for pallets. It gives you an easy to use, easy to stack, cost effective package. Let us show you the benefits during an in-plant trial. We know you will be impressed.

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