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To solve the issue of bulk bag slumping and leaning, proper sizing of the bags plays a crucial role.

Firstly, it is essential to select the appropriate size of the bulk bag that matches the intended load capacity and dimensions of the materials being transported or stored. Oversized bags can result in inadequate support and increased chances of slumping, while undersized bags may lead to instability and leaning. Additionally, considering the density and flow characteristics of the materials can help determine the optimal size to prevent slumping and maintain bag stability. By carefully assessing the requirements and choosing the right-sized bulk bags, the risk of slumping and leaning can be significantly reduced, ensuring safe and efficient material handling.

Bulk Bag Issue Photo - 03 Sizing
Better Bulk Bag Photo - 03 Sizing

Solutions for Sizing

AmeriGlobe is dedicated to seeking practical solutions that effectively tackle real challenges, leading to significant cost savings. Delve into AmeriGlobe's solutions crafted to address the issue of Sizing.


Best Bulk Bag - MegaBase™

The MegaBase® bag lowers your packaging cost by increasing both the stability and the usable package volume. The greater stability allows your company to reduce its packaging spend by replacing expensive baffle bags.


Best Bulk Bag - Stacker™

The Stacker can reduce your warehouse costs by improving the stability of filled bags allowing for safe double stacking. In some cases it improves the stability enough to serve as a baffle bag replacement.

Innovations for Sizing

We are deeply invested in the process of developing innovations aimed at solving the intricate problem of Sizing. Through continuous research, development, and creative engineering, we strive to revolutionize the industry by introducing novel approaches that enhance the stability and reliability of various bagging applications.