Roger Bhandari

Roger Bhandari

Based in Charlotte, NC, Roger's expertise leans towards finding innovative improvements to alleviate clients' process, logistic and equipment problems. Arriving at AmeriGlobe in September, 1999 with three years in capital sales and management combined with five years of plant engineering experience, he has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech where he sold books door-to-door for three summers to help pay for college. While not at work he enjoys the beach, cooking and learning new languages.

What our customers have to say about Roger Bhandari

"I was telling ....... it is such a pleasure to work with the Ameriglobe team and you.
"You truly understand customer service and definitely model the way."

-Buyer, Pharmaceutical Supplier

“…deadlines were always met and the quality of work has been superb.”
“…(Roger)…has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty, trust, and integrity…”
“…Roger Bhandari (is) honest and straightforward in his approach to business.”

-Corporate Engineer, Major Health Products Manufacturing

“…we have dealt with Roger…whose goal has been our complete satisfaction.”
“…a leader in taking our packaging concepts to the next level.”
“…highly recommend AmeriGlobe as a bulk bag supplier and Roger Bhandari as a salesman.”

-Major Concrete Manufacturer

“…Roger has far exceeded the time and attention that I receive from most companies.”
“We have never had a delivery or quality issue…”
“…I highly recommend AmeriGlobe as our supplier of choice.”

-Manager, Major North American Food Corporation

"Roger at AmeriGlobe, and Matt one of the owner are some of the most outstanding professionals! This is a great company to work with! We approached AmeriGlobe with a new project at one of the toughest parts of the year, -during the holidays. I worked carefully with Roger, and what we were asking was a tall order to be sure. The project was new and an ambitious new custom design for our business, with a great deal of pressure surrounding its development due to timeline and exacting standards on our part. It was recommended that we speak to AmeriGlobe through one of their competitors, because they had a reputation for excellence. They surely did not disappoint. Roger is a sales representative and invaluable member of the team. He is a great conduit between the customer and the hard-working product developers behind the scenes. If not for his great efforts, this process would have proven very difficult if not impossible to communicate effectively. Absolutely great customer service. Matt, one of the owners has personally taken the time to work very hands on with this project to ensure our company’s needs are met, even taking the time to work hand in hand with us in person to deliver this new design. True professionals, and I can’t say enough good things about this American company! Class all the way from the sales team, to the Owners. Highly recommend!"

-Owner, Tidewater Property Preservation and Junk Removal

“…(Roger)…proved a sincere desire to succeed by insuring that (we) succeed.”
“…exceptional customer service, product quality, inventory management and delivery.”
“…offering innovative programs like free stocking / warehousing, consignment, automated re-ordering and inventory management and domestic supply when lead times don’t allow time for importing.”

-Senior Sourcing Manager, Clariant Corp

"From packaging to raw materials to everything in between we have close to 100 suppliers......and without a doubt or hesitation I consider Roger to be at the very top, elite in comparison to his contemporaries."
"If you are a customer or Rogers he doesn't just keep you in the loop, you are the loop, and that is very much appreciated and makes him a true asset as a partner."
"Roger's approach to taking care of our account is one of unbelievable passion, energy and commitment."
"I would recommend working with Roger to another company in a heartbeat as I believe that would immediately make them a stronger company."

-Steven J. Raucci , Supply Chain Director, Electric Cable Compounds

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