Seed Count

Selling By Seed Count

Selling by seed count makes sense for the industry but it creates several packaging problems. AmeriGlobe has the solution.

The two largest problems are the number of specifications needed to handle the varying bulk densities of the various seed counts and the loss of warehouse space based on stacking issues. Most suppliers are having to use four bulk bag sizes to accommodate all the possible seed counts. Not only can AmeriGlobe's patent-pending designs accomplish the same thing with only two specifications, our bulk bags are stable enough to eliminate stacking issues.

How Many Specifications Do You Need?

How can AmeriGlobe recommend two specifications when other suppliers need four specifications to accomplish the same thing? The easy answer is that AmeriGlobe has superior technology that allows us to control the product at the top of the bulk bag even if the bulk bag is not completely full. This stabilizes the bulk bag and allows for safe stacking, as many as four high under the right circumstances.

The various seed sizes will mean that the product height will vary as much as 21” from the smallest to the largest seeds. This means even with four specifications you may have five inches of empty space in a bulk bag. With standard baffle bags this much empty space will allow the product to shift, causing the bulk bag to slump or lean. No one wants to walk near leaning stacks of bulk bags.

AmeriGlobe’s design works for two reasons. First, we use an oversized top with a locking feature that allows the bulk bag to be overfilled without losing control of the top layer of seed. When the bulk bag is under-filled, the diagonal sew lines of our Stacker™ feature hug the top layer of seed, locking it into place. With these two features holding the seeds in place, AmeriGlobe bulk bags stack safely and easily.

By using AmeriGlobe’s Seed Count bulk bags you will have more stable bulk bags for stacking and less inventory since you will not have to stock four specifications.

Saving Warehouse Space

The transition to selling by seed count may significantly increase the amount of warehouse space you need for empty and filled bulk bags. Once again, AmeriGlobe has a solution. Not only will you be able to inventory fewer specifications using our technology, you will also be able to safely stack higher to mitigate the costly warehouse space lost by the higher seed count bulk bags.

How does seed count impact warehouse requirements? When bulk bags were sold by weight stacks of bulk bags held between 6,000 and 7,500 lbs of seed. Now the lower seed count bulk bags stacking three high will only yield stacks that hold about 3,900 lbs. What will this loss of efficiency do to your warehouse space? With the stability offered by our design you can decrease that loss. Instead of a 3,900 lb stack, you will have a 5,200 lb stack, a 33% improvement.

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