Bulk Bag Filling Equipment

Bulk Bag Filling Equipment

The Cone Table Elite (CTE) bulk bag filler is the industry's first truly modular bulk bag filling system.

By selecting from a comprehensive array of standard components, we can configure a CTE to suit your application exactly. This means that ROI is buy exactly what you need.

The other key benefit of modularity is the CTE bulk bag filler's ability to grow with your needs. You can purchase a simple filler that can easily expand to become a fully automated bulk bag filling system...without throwing away your initial capital investment.

Bulk Bag Stability

Of course, the CTE bulk bag filler features Control and Metering's cone table densification system. The cone table provides maximum product densification that ensures bag stability.  It also means that you can put more product into your current bulk bag or use a smaller bulk bag for a given weight.  Either way, significant operating cost savings are the result.

Accurate Bulk Bag Weighing

CTE bulk bag fillers feature a hang weighing system that is robust, accurate, repeatable and ensures that bulk bags of any size can be filled with +/- 1-2 lb weighing accuracy at any speed. This means you can reduce the overfill of your bulk bags and generate incremental revenue and profit as a result.

Bulk Bag Filling Automation

The CTE bulk bag filler can be configured to automatically remove filled bags. Speeds of 30+, one ton bags per hour can be achieved. If pre-weighing is used, packaging rates over 40 bags per hour are possible.


As always with Control and Metering equipment, the CTE bulk bag filler is a very robust machine. Its new design incorporates fewer parts than ever before to provide unmatched reliability. That’s why we can offer a 2 YEAR WARRANTY... the best in the business!

Please call (866) 264-5623 to talk to a Solutions Specialist or visit for more in-depth information about this bulk bag filling equipment.

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