Why AmeriGlobe?

There are many reasons, but here's a few.

The quality of our domestic bulk bags is ensured by a documented quality program, 3 UV testing machines, and 35 plus years of experience actually making bulk bags. By placing AmeriGlobe employees at our foreign vendors' plants, AmeriGlobe also ensures that a bulk bag manufactured buy one of our foreign vendors has the same quality as our domestic bulk bag.

AmeriGlobe’s supply line guarantee makes us your safest choice as a bulk bag supplier by providing back-up for your import program. We know the cost of a plant shutdown and will work to help you prevent this from happening. Also, AmeriGlobe is C-TPAT Certifiied, which gives our customers' supply lines extra security.

AmeriGlobe's helps you to protect the environment by providing ways for you to re-use and recycle your bulk bags through our Bag Refurbishing Center.

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AmeriGlobe is not a bulk bag broker that offers no support. We are the largest bulk bag manufacturer in the United States. Our combination of US production and managed overseas production gives you safe, competitive pricing, while we work with you to show huge freight cost and system based savings.