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Materials Testing - What you DON’T KNOW about your bulk bags CAN hurt you or your customer!!!

Tensile Test Machine

UV Machine

Any two bags can look exactly alike but have entirely different performances.   Only through lab testing can your supplier give you assurances of similar performance from similar looking bags. 

After reading these actual test reports you will see that it is not the country that the factory is from that determines the quality.  It is the controls provided by AmeriGlobe that provide you with the comfort and safety of knowing that every bag will have the same basic performance time after time.

At AmeriGlobe, we lab test our products continuously to be sure that our vendors maintain the highest quality standards for ourselves and for you. 

Below you will see actual data from tests that we perform regularly on each of our vendors’ products.

We perform UV tests to be sure that every one of our bags will stand up to the rigors of outdoor storage.  (Bags should always be covered when stored outside but we prepare our bags for those times when such rules cannot always be followed.)

We perform tensile tests on the bag fabrics and lifting loops.  No one can really tell how strong a piece of fabric is just by looking at it.  You have to mechanically pull it to pieces to know its actual strength.  As you will see below, even fabrics with the same weight characteristics can vary in strength by 50% or more!!

We perform full bag testing as well.  Once we know all the parts of your bag meet our standards, we still need to put the bags into a full test rig that will take your bag to its maximum capability ……..and beyond to failure.  Only then, do we know if you can depend on your AmeriGlobe Bag every time.

First let’s look at the country of origin in question.  Is a bag good or bad just because of where it was made?

Below are actual tests from 5 of the countries that are most commonly imported from.  These tests are from bags given to our customers as samples or from fabrics given directly to AmeriGlobe as samples of a potential vendor’s quality. (We always test the fabrics of a factory before doing business with them).

As a quick overview, these are all UV test reports.  In each report, you will see on the left side, the original strength and weight of the fabric.  On the right side you will see how much of that strength remained after performing the International Standard test for UV degradation. 

According to International Standards, to pass this test the item must retain 50% or more of its original strength.  To pass AmeriGlobe standards, it must retain 70% of its original strength.  Items in red indicate failure to pass the required standards.

When you see a red 0%, the fabric literally disappeared during the tests.  Imagine having your bag dissolved in the sunlight while filled with product!!

But the point here is that it is NOT the country that matters, but the controls within the factory and your vendor.

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As you can see, we have seen failures from all countries.  As you can also see, there are many parts to be tested on each bag to be sure that you have a whole bag that works. 

But AmeriGlobe has put critical controls into place to provide consistent and safe quality from anywhere on the globe. 

Our efforts do not stop with simple reports.  Our team reviews, in person, each plant and audits the management structure quarterly.  These audits plus our lab testing combine to provide the consistent, dependable quality that you and your customers deserve.


How do you specify bags in a manner that provides consistency from one bag to another?
AmeriGlobe has found that simply naming a fabric weight or thickness does not guarantee consistent strength.

For example please look at Report 4. The 3 oz. fabric shows an initial strength of 453 pounds.  Now look at Report 2 for the same fabric.  It has the same weight as the fabric in Report 4 but you can see that the strength of the fabric when tested was 211 lbs for the same fabric!  This is a variance of 215% when using the lower number as the base.  The second fabric was 53.5% weaker than the same fabric from another supplier.

With variances like these, you can see that a better measure is needed.  AmeriGlobe is in the process of changing all of its customer specifications to reflect fabric STRENGTH not fabric WEIGHT.  Soon each piece of fabric will carry a color coded yarn that will identify the strength of the fabric.  Any of our customers will be able to verify that each piece of an AmeriGlobe bag meets standardized performance goals.

By using strength and standardized performance goals instead of weight, we will be able to provide consistent performance from one supplier to the next.

If you have questions about how to improve your own bag safety, please contact AmeriGlobe at (866) 264-5623


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