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Systems Review

Our Systems Review is the best example of what AmeriGlobe is all about. Your choice of bags impacts various costs in you and your customer’s systems. These costs include everything from empty package storage, filling labor, freight, storage, discharging, disposal and every cost in between. Even small improvements in these areas can equate several dollars a bag worth of savings. In some cases, it is possible to lower your overall costs more than you are paying for the bag.

This probably brings a few thoughts to mind:

  • I work for a well run company. We are likely doing things the best way already.
  • How time consuming is this review?
  • How difficult are your changes to implement?
  • How are your results verified?

(I am happy to discuss other thoughts at (866) 264-5623 Ext 209 or

Picture of Globe MegaBase Bulk Bags for Baffle Replacement

These are all good questions, especially the first one. At your company, like most others, everyone’s time is probably stretched thin. Many of the savings we have located came about because customers made good decisions initially but did not know about advancements in different areas. That is our area of expertise. This is the topic of continuous training for our team.  

Obviously the more time we get to spend with your team the better the results will be. Before the review we send in a questionnaire to various department heads for input. After reviewing the answers, we plan a visit to the plant. The actual review at the plant typically lasts for two or three days. During that time we like to meet with Marketing, Logistics, Production, etc. After the visit we compile a report explaining our findings and suggestions. This report includes a cost model that describes projected savings. The model is created from your numbers so you can believe them.


Most of the changes are usually fairly simple to implement. We will be with you every step of the way. We can help with training documentation and if necessary we can help with on-site training. If we make suggestions that affect your customer, we are happy to help your company communicate the benefits to them and to help with training.

One of the advantages of using your numbers in cost models is ease of verifying results. Our projection does not have to be reconciled with your numbers but it is developed using your numbers. Going a step further, we are happy to help you report your savings to relevant groups in your company. It’s a great feeling to report verifiable savings greater than your total packaging spend, especially when you initiate the savings.

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